Whirlpool WPW10253483 Genuine OEM Door Lock Switch Fits: W10253483 8540772 8540222


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Whirlpool WPW10253483 Genuine OEM Door Lock Switch Fits: W10253483 8540772 8540222

Weight : 2.1 LBR
Volume : 0.042 FTQ
Model : WPW10253483
UPC-EAN : 883049449210

The door latch, positioned on the front panel of the washer near the door opening, plays a crucial role in securely locking the door of the front load washer during its operation. This latch assembly guarantees that the door stays closed and tightly sealed throughout the washer's use, effectively preventing water leaks and ensuring safe and efficient performance

You may need to change the Door Latch when

Improper locking or latching of the door

Failure of the washer to start or initiate a wash cycle

Persistent locking of the door even after the completion of the wash cycle

Display of error codes on the control panel related to door lock or latch issues

Water leaks occurring around the door area during operation

This part replaces Several Brand and models not limited to: 1515091, 8540222, 8540772, AP6017910, PS11751211, W10253483, WPW10253483

Will fit the following Models: 110.2647751K, 110.464625, 110.464725, 110.470816, 110.470866, 110.470876, 110.470886, 110.470896, 110.470916, 110.475117, 110.475126, 110.4751261, 110.475317, 110.475326, 110.4753261, 110.475426, 110.4754261, 110.475616, 110.475627, 110.475666, 110.475677, 110.475716, 110.475727, 110.475766, 110.475777, 110.475816, 110.477018, 110.477118, 110.477518, 110.477618, 110.477878, 110.477888, 110.477978, 110.477988, IFW7300WW00, IFW7300WW01, IFW7300WW02, MHWE200XW00, MHWE201YW00, MHWE250XL00, MHWE251YG00, MHWE251YL00, MHWE300VF00, MHWE300VW00, MHWE301YG00, MHWE301YW00, MHWE500VP00, MHWE500VP01, MHWE500VW00, MHWE500VW01, MHWE900VJ00, MHWE900VJ01, MHWE900VW00, MHWE900VW01, MHWZ400TB00, MHWZ400TB01, MHWZ400TB02, MHWZ400TQ00, MHWZ400TQ01, MHWZ400TQ02, MHWZ400TQ03, MHWZ600TB00, MHWZ600TB01, MHWZ600TB02, MHWZ600TE00, MHWZ600TE01, MHWZ600TK00, MHWZ600TK01, MHWZ600TK02, MHWZ600TW00, MHWZ600TW01, MHWZ600TW02, MHWZ600WR00, MHWZ600WR01, MWFW8300SW01, MWFW8300SW02, MWFW8500SR01, MWFW8500SR02, MWFW9200SQ00, NFW7300WW00, NFW7300WW01, NFW7300WW02, WFW8200TW00, WFW8200TW01, WFW8300SW0, WFW8300SW00, WFW8300SW01, WFW8300SW02, WFW8300SW03, WFW8300SW04, WFW8300SW05, WFW8300SW1, WFW8400TB00, WFW8400TB01, WFW8400TB02, WFW8400TE00, WFW8400TE01, WFW8400TW00, WFW8400TW01, WFW8400TW02, WFW8400TW03, WFW8410SW0, WFW8410SW01, WFW8410SW02, WFW8410SW03, WFW8500SR0, WFW8500SR00, WFW8500SR01, WFW8500SR02, WFW8500SR03, WFW8500SR04, WFW9050XW00, WFW9050XW01, WFW9050XW02, WFW9050XW03, WFW9150WW00, WFW9150WW01, WFW9150WW02, WFW9151YW00, WFW9200SQ10, WFW9200SQA10, WFW9200SQA11, WFW9200SQA12, WFW9250WL00, WFW9250WL01, WFW9250WL02, WFW9250WR00, WFW9250WR01, WFW9250WR02, WFW9250WW00, WFW9250WW01, WFW9250WW02, WFW9351YL00, WFW9351YW00, WFW9400SBA10, WFW9400STA10, WFW9400SWA10, WFW9400SZA10, WFW9450WL00, WFW9450WR00, WFW9450WW00, WFW9550WL00, WFW9550WL01, WFW9550WR00, WFW9550WR01, WFW9550WW00, WFW9550WW01, WFW9700VA00, WFW9700VA01, WFW9700VW00, WFW9700VW01, YIFW7300WW00, YMHWE201YW00, YMHWE251YG00, YMHWE251YL00, YMHWE301YG00, YMHWE301YW00, YNFW7300WW00, YWFW9050XW00, YWFW9050XW01, YWFW9151YW00, YWFW9351YL00, YWFW9351YW00


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2.1 LBR
0.042 FTQ

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