7 Safety Measures for Technicians in Covid-19 times

 7 Safety Measures for Technicians in Covid-19 times

Household electrical appliances need to be installed or repaired, in normal situations or what it seemed an unlikely pandemic. The current world situation, caused by the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, has led technicians to adapt to new safety conditions, which allow the customer to feel confident enough to request support in the installations or repairs of their household appliances.

A strange person is being invited to a home or business, and in particular someone who is in their day to day visiting different shops and residential areas. All steps that can be taken will help to limit the concern to only the repair of that washer, dryer or refrigerator that has temporarily stopped working.

These are the 7 recommendations that we make from the experience of Defrost USA to technicians and people who can request their services, before, during and after the visit: 

1. Carry out a daily check of the technician's state of health.

2. Have sufficient safety equipment during the visit: mask, gloves, antibacterial gel and shoe protectors.

3. Establish in a previous call with the customer the problem presented by the appliance and the possible spare parts or parts that the technician must have.

4. Keep the visit to the house or business in the least physical space possible, if possible even mark the area, and then ensure that this same area will be cleaned immediately upon visit.

5. Clean the tools before and after the visit.

6. Clean the equipment surfaces in which the technician will have contact, before and after the visit.

7. Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet or 2 meters between the technician and the customer.

Changes are taking place, and our ability to adapt must correspond to the situation.

Taking these measures will make our clients feel safe enough to continue inviting us to their homes and counting on our services.




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