USPS: Longer than expected transit times

USPS: Longer than expected transit times

Due to Covid-19?

The Covid-19 has increased the number of packages that are moving on a daily basis all over the United States and Worldwide.

People are choosing to shop online and avoid public spaces as possible.

There are delays on the transit times, but lately we are seeing tracking information taking a week to be updated.

This is weird and uncommon.

We shipped the packages on time, and basically USPS does not scan the boxes as soon as they get to the Postal Office.

We have never experience this in the past and thought it was a problem with all the shipments on a particular day, but it is happening again.

We shipped the items on August 3rd, and it took more than 5 days for the tracking information to be updated. The same happened with the packages from August 5th.

This is frustrating, we understand every customer that is expecting an item on a Guarantee Delivery Date and see that the tracking information is not getting updated by the shipping company.

We are working day and night in trying to help our customers to get an update on the tracking and get the packages as soon as possible.

Are you having delays on your shipments too? Let us know in the comments.

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